Our Staff

Eversley Primary School Staff

Mrs P Pepper Headteacher
Mr J Hancock Deputy Headteacher and Maths
Miss J Davis English (Senior Leader)
Mrs J McLaughlin Inclusion Manager (Senior Leader)
Teaching Staff
Miss L Whiley Early Years and Bike It Year R
Mrs S Petherick KS1 Music Year R
Mrs S Oliver Year R
Miss S Denyer Phonics Year 1
Miss L Hough Geography Year 1
Miss J Davis English (Senior Leader) Year 2
Mr J Lawday KS1 Science Year 2
Mrs H Fisher Support Teacher and Healthy Schools Year 2
Mrs G Davies History Year 3
Mrs C Friedberg KS2 Science Year 3
Miss C Dicker KS2 Music Year 4
Mr S Nigh Physical Education Year 4
Mr D Edmunds Religious Education Year 5
Miss T Lynes Design Technology Year 5
Mr J Byfield Art Year 6
Miss K Elliott Foreign Languages – Spanish Year 6
Mrs L Anderson Computing Year 6
Mrs J Joyce One-to-One Tuition
Mrs G Macdonald Support Teacher and Outdoor Learning
Mrs C Lowry Support Teacher and Reading
Office Staff
Mrs A Hills Administrative Assistant
Mrs D Nicholls Administrative Assistant
Mrs K Wallis Administrative Assistant
Site Staff
Mr P Levey Caretaker
L & L Cleaners
Catering Staff
Mrs T Thurley Mrs T Rustman Ms H Rawlinson
Mrs J Barrett Ms T Roskams
Support Staff
Mrs J Morgan Mrs E Nunn Mrs B Gafga
Mrs E Worrell Mrs J Jones Mrs K Eastell
Mrs C McKenzie Mrs L McClusky Mrs R Martin
Mrs S Carter Mrs T Brown Miss A Best
Mrs J Kaylor Mrs A Nicholls Mrs T Lendor
Mrs M Sartain Mrs G White Mrs J Bryan
Mrs T Smerdon Mrs K Hornsby Mrs A Gibb
Mrs H Whitehead Mrs L Robinson Mrs G Bacon
Mrs J Morgan Mrs L Stone  Mrs C Mulhall
Mrs A Sach Mrs Z Mahmood Mrs J Rawe
Midday Assistants
Mrs S Duck Mrs C Brooks  Mrs N Evans
Mrs C Eastell Mrs P Stevens