Here is our list of key dates for the Summer term at Eversley Primary School

Date Event
18th Apr First day back
18th Apr 5E Outdoor Learning
21st Apr Year 5 trip to National Gallery
27th Apr 5L Outdoor Learning
2nd May 4D Outdoor Learning
2nd May Eversley 3K Run (Race starts 7:30pm)
4th May May Day lunch
5th May 4D’s Class Assembly
8th-11th May Year 6 SATs
12th May Year 6 trip to Legoland
15th-19th May Year 2 assessment week
19th-20th May Dodgeball competition
19th May 5E’s Class Assembly
19th May Dodgeball comeptition finals (2:30pm)
24th May Key Stage 2 Music Festival
26th May 3D’s Class Assembly
29th May-2nd June Half-term holiday
5th June Non Pupil Day
6th June Back to school
6th June Eversley 3K Run (Race starts 7:30pm)
7th June Year 5 visiting Food and Farming Show
7th June Year 3&6 District Sports heats
7th June Sex and Relationships Education meeting with Y6 parents 7pm
8th June 6B Outdoor Learning
8th June Year 4&5 District Sports heats
8th June Key Stage 1 Music Festival
13th June Bike It Day
15th June Year 2 Victorian Day
16th June 2L’s Class Assembly
16th June Year 3 trip to Plotlands
19th-21st June Year 6 Residential trip to Stubbers
20th June 4D Outdoor Learning
21st June New intake parents and children visiting (1pm or 2pm)
22nd June Choir trip to Aladdin
22nd June EYFS Stay and Play
23rd June 3F’s Class Assembly
23rd June Bring a Dad to school afternoon (2:15pm)
23rd June EYFS Stay and Play
27th June 4N Outdoor Learning
29th June Year 4 Keyboard assemblies (9:00am and 9:30am)
29th-30th June Eversley Arts Festival
30th June 1D’s Class Assembly
3rd July Year 5 Stubbers Meeting (3:15pm)
4th July RS Class Assembly
4th July 6E Outdoor Learning
4th July District Sports finals
4th July Eversley 3K Run (Race starts 7:30pm)
5th July RW Class Assembly
6th July EYFS and Year 1,2, 3 & 4 Sports Day
7th July Year 5 & 6 Sports Day
10th-14th July Science Week
11th July 5E Outdoor Learning
11th July New Reception intake meeting (9:15am)
11th July End of Year Reports issued
12th July Open Evening
14th July EYFS trip to Barleylands
17th July Eversley’s 40th Anniversary Celebrations
18th July Year 1 trip to Colchester Castle
18th July Year 6 Leavers’ Assembly (9:15am)
18th July Year 6 Leavers’ Party (4-6pm)
20th July Summer Discos
21st July Last day of term
6th Sept First day back for pupils
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