🌸 2K's Spring Descriptions 🌸

April 25, 2022

Last week, 2K wrote spring descriptive poems. Their descriptions are amazing and below are some examples:

In spring, the buds are blooming into beautiful blossom. Pink and white blossoms are falling like gorgeous snowflakes. In spring, the dazzling, yellow and black bees are buzzing around the meadow. Buzz buzz! The bees hunt for pollen in the flowers to make delicious honey. In spring, the gorgeous butterflies are out. The butterflies are bright and bold like the rainbow. Olivia

The buds are growing into blossom. The blossom has light pink petals. Bees like bright, yellow buttercups. The lambs have fluffy wool. The baby lambs are playing on the farm. Luca

In spring, the buds are blooming into beautiful blossoms. The tiny, pink blossoms smell like raspberries. The blossom is growing on the brown trees in the garden. In spring, the bunnies run off into the forest trying to find food and to go to their homes. Teo

In spring, the chicks hatch out of their eggs. Chicks are bright, yellow like the sun. Chicks have fluffy, soft feathers. White blossom like soft snow. There are dazzling flowers blossoming on the trees. Lacie

The bees are collecting the glistening honey and making it in their beehive. The lambs are playing in the beautiful flower fields. The foals are a creamy brown like chocolate. The bunnies are eating the yummy grass. The cute, yellow chicks are hatching. Belle