🎨 2K's Mixing Colours 🎨

April 26, 2022

This afternoon, 2K looked at how to mix primary colours to make secondary colours and they created a picture of fish in water.

Since the beginning of Year 2, we have discussed as a class about choosing simple shapes and lines to help us draw a picture. The class identified simple shapes for drawing the fish. As a class we decided that we needed:

  • an egg shape for the fish’s body
  • a circle for the eye
  • u shape for the fins
  • and a 3 for the tail

After choosing our steps of how to draw the fish and drawing our outlines, the pupils painted their work. The class painted the 3 large fish in primary colours (red, yellow and blue). Then, the pupils painted 3 small fish in secondary colours (orange, green and purple). 2K enjoyed mixing the colours and exploring how the primary colours changed. To complete their artwork, the class painted their background in a light blue for the water. All the artwork looks amazing!

Below are some examples of the artwork created:

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