🦉 2K's Character Descriptions 🦉

March 14, 2022

Take a look at some of our wonderful character descriptions. Our descriptions were inspired by the character Plop from the book The Owl Who Was Afraid of the Dark.

Plop was a baby barn owl and he lived with his mummy and daddy. His talons were like shark’s teeth. Plop’s eyes were enormous like big chocolate buttons. Plop’s feathers were beige and cream. He has a heart shaped face. He was scared of the dark.


Plop was a baby barn owl. He was fat and fluffy! Plop had a heart shaped ruff and cream feathers. Plop had enormous round eyes. But one problem was Plop was petrified of the dark!


Plop was afraid of the dark. Plop has beige feathers all round his body. He has a heart shaped ruff. He has knackety knees. He has enormous eyes! Plop has enormous claws! plop has sharp claws to catch his prey.


His knees are knackety. He has sharp talons. He has fluffy feathers. He is petrified of the dark. He has colossal eyes. He is a baby barn owl. He has a teeny, weeny beak. He has ivory, creamy feathers. He has tiny feet at the bottom of his legs. He has tiny feet covered in feathers. He is fluffy like cotton candy.