3F at Hadleigh Roundhouse

May 23, 2019

Year 3 thoroughly enjoyed their trip to the roundhouse at Hadleigh Country Park today.  It was a day packed full of great learning experiences.

We started by being archaeologists.  We carefully dug in the sand to uncover hidden artefacts.  We found bones, an animal horn,  pots and armor and learnt how these tell us about the past.

Then we made clay pots using the same method Celts used – coil pots, with a flat base and coiled sausage shapes to make the sides.  We then decorated them with simple tools.

After that we explored the roundhouse to learn about how the Celts and Romans lived around the time of the Roman invasion.  We saw some amazing authentic artefacts, which gave a real insight into life back then.  We also got use flint to make sparks to light a fire and ground wheat on a ‘quern’ to make flour, jobs that children would have done in a Celtic family.

After a busy morning, we had a picnic lunch in the sunshine and then went back into the roundhouse for the next stage of the day.  We enjoyed a demonstration of what the warrior Celts and Romans would have worn and the weapons they would have used, all modeled by our wonderful volunteers.  Mrs Gafga made a very scary Celtic warrior and Mrs Nunn was a fabulous Roman soldier!

Finally it was time for warrior school.  First we got to experience life in the Roman army.  We learned drills and shield formations and got a taste of the disciplined life of a Roman soldier.  We made a  the tortoise formation that Romans used to defend themselves from Celtic attack. Then we learned how to throw slingshots the way the Celts did.  Most of the children agreed that they would rather have been a Roman soldier than a Celtic warrior.   

All in all, it was a brilliant day:  We blessed with perfect weather; I was really proud of the children’s behaviour – truly a credit to their school; they looked amazing in their costumes.  Thank you to parents for the effort you made. Most importantly, it was not only an enjoyable but a very valuable day, which hugely enhanced our history topic.

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