3F celebrating Diwali

November 19, 2019

Year 3 had a differnt kind of day today as we dedicated the day to the Hindu festival of Diwali. This is part of our RE curriculum and we took part in a range of activities to get an experience of how this Hindu holiday is celebrated.  We made our own Rangoli patterns and decorated Paduka footprints, as Hindus do to decorate their homes for Diwali.  We made our own Divas out of Play-doh.  We retold the story of Rama and Sita (which we had learnt earlier inthe term) using puppets.  We wrote from the perspective of a Hindu child about preparing for the celebrations and we also made traditional Indian coconut sweets. 

In the afternoon, after a recap on what we had learned and a discussion about the similarities to other festivals of light such as Christmas, we finally got to enjoy the sweets we had made in the morning.  Not everyone was convinced but most of us really enjoyed them.