5F at Greenwich Royal Observatory

January 13, 2023

5F had a great time at the Royal Observatory and Planetarium in Greenwich yesterday. Their behaviour was outstanding, they had a fun and engaging day and enjoyed some valuable learning experiences.

Before even entering the venue itself the children enjoyed the fabulous views over London from Greenwich park.

Our first activity was a trail around the site, when we got to know the venue and saw a range of amazing telescopes. We also stood on the meridian line, from which Greenwich Mean Time is measured.

Next stop was a planetarium show. Sadly, there are no pictures of this as photography was not permitted. The show, however, was excellent: It included a quick trip to the surfaces of Venus, Jupiter and Neptune as well as the moon.


Next stop was a video lesson on how the universe was formed, followed by everyone’s favourite part of any trip – lunch!


We finished the day with a wonderful workshop, which included a brilliant demonstration of the orbit of the Earth around the sun and the moon around the Earth, explaining our day and night, the phases of the moon and our seasons.

It was a thoroughly enjoyable day during which we got a fascinating insight into our science topic of Earth and Space. I would like to say a final well done to the children on their exemplary behaviour throughout the day; you did your school and your families proud 5F!