5T have been busy!

April 25, 2022

What a busy and exciting few Days in 5T!

Road Safety:

On Friday last week, we had a visitor come into school to help us learn more about being safe on the roads. She did a lesson with us in class, then in small groups we went out of school to practice how we can be safe and what we need to do and what we need to look out for when we are walking along the pavement or need to cross a road.


Here are some of the things we learnt:

“Always look left, right a forwards when crossing the road.” Jessica D

“The green cross code tells you how to cross the road correctly.” Vinnie-Boy

“”Always try to cross the road with the shortest distance to the other side, so you will spend less time in the road.” River

Shakespeare workshop: Macbeth

Today we had another visitor come into school to hold a drama workshop with us all about the Shakespeare story of Macbeth, which is our current story for English. We got to find out more about the characters and what happens in the story. We then had a chance to work in groups to create freeze frames from the story and the rest of the class had to guess which part of Macbeth our freeze frames were showing.

We enjoyed …

“I enjoyed the Shakespearian insults we created.” Harley

“What I like was doing the freeze frames because I got the exciting part of the story.” PJ

I enjoyed doing the freeze frames when everyone else had to guess what part of the story we were.” Chloe

“Getting to hear the full story.” Logan