6K Ancient Egyptian Day 6N

September 15, 2018
As an introduction to our first topic this year, we traveled back over 4000 years to experience the life of the Ancient Egyptians. We explored the geographical features of Egypt at that time and we discovered that it was hot, it was sandy and it was smelly. The children had to suggest explanations why the Ancient Egyptians lived a certain way. Their answers were well thought-out and many were correct!
After, we separated into 3 groups where we actively took part in 3 workshops: we completed a quiz on the life of Ancient Egyptians; we looked at artifacts and measured items and each other in Royal Cubits.
Finally, in the afternoon, we looked at the whole process of preparing a pharaoh for the afterlife. This involved mummification, a funeral procession and a burial (and a new queen…).
All of the pupils were polite and participated in the activities. We thought that the acting was outstanding and we definitely know who the drama queens and kings are…
Well done Year 6 and we hope you enjoyed the day!


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