Our Curriculum

  • At Eversley Primary School we believe in providing for all of our children a balanced and creative curriculum that goes beyond the teaching of the National Curriculum.

    The impact is that children have a firm foundation in the core skills of reading, writing and mathematics and children can apply these skills to access a range of subjects—arts, humanities, sports, science, technology and modern languages. We implement this through excellent teaching of knowledge and skills through a range of different subjects.

    One of the core aims of our curriculum is to equip and prepare our children for the future world of employment. We strive to develop within every child the key qualities essential to success in learning, life and work, including: taking risks and experimenting; developing confidence; problem solving; developing resilience and character; promoting ambition and developing creativity.

    The intention of our curriculum is that pupils leave the school with the following skills as a result of the impact of every aspect of our curriculum:

  • Basic Skills
    to speak clearly and convey ideas confidently
    to read and communicate ideas in writing efficiently and effectively
    to calculate efficiently and apply skills to solve problems
    to use new technologies confidently and purposefully
  • Active Learning
    to seek out and enjoy challenges
    to collaborate with others
    to show commitment and perseverance
    to assess themselves and others
  • Creative Thinking
    to ask questions and extend ideas
    to generate ideas and explore possibilities
    to overcome barriers by trying out alternatives and adapting or developing ideas
    to connect ideas and experiences in inventive ways
  • Our curriculum builds on the progression of knowledge, skills and understanding year on year, from the beginning of the primary phase in Reception, through Key Stage 1 (Years 1-2) and Key Stage 2 (Years 3-6).

    The broader aim of our curriculum is:

    • to promote an enjoyment and love for learning that inspires children to discover and enquire more about the world around them;
    • to develop a firm foundation in core English and mathematical skills;
    • to broaden, deepen and develop children’s knowledge, skills and understanding in a range of subject areas;
    • to equip children with the skills to become life-long learners and responsible citizens of the world;
    • to equip all children, no matter their background or ability, with the necessary skills, knowledge and mindsets for a successful future;
    • to develop independence of thought and knowledge of right and wrong;
    • to develop tolerance and respect towards one another;
    • to challenge all pupils to ‘be the best they can be’ and develop perseverance and positive attitudes towards learning.

    Each subject area of the curriculum is led by a member of teaching staff; if you would like further information on our curriculum please contact the School Office and they will put you in contact with the relevant person.

    For further information concerning the National Curriculum then please click here to visit the Department of Education website.

    For further information on how and what we teach in each subject at Eversley, please click on the subjects listed below:

  • Children starting at Eversley Primary School in Reception have a rich and varied curriculum that covers three prime areas – personal, social and emotional development; communication and language and physical development and four specific areas – literacy, mathematics, understanding the world and expressive arts and design.

    Children are taught through a range of hands-on, practical activities and songs which help them to build foundations in their future learning and foster a love for acquiring new knowledge and skills.

    To view our Reception curriculum, please click here.

    Throughout the school year, we enrich our curriculum through a range of opportunities such as themed days (sometimes including dressing up), class enterprise activities, tending the school allotment, caring and rearing animals, First Aid training and Outdoor Learning. We supplement the school curriculum through educational visits and a range of after-school clubs and activities run every term. Our weekly Fun Time Friday sessions enable children to experience new activities and learn new skills such as photography, French knitting, sign language, origami and much more!

    We call this enrichment of our curriculum our ‘Eversley Endeavours’; click here to see these.

    To see an overview of the themes and topics covered by each year group please click on the relevant year group below: