Our Curriculum

At Eversley Primary School we believe in providing for all of our children a balanced and creative curriculum that goes beyond the teaching of the National Curriculum. We achieve this through excellent teaching of our broad, balanced and creative curriculum.

Each subject area of the curriculum is led by a member of teaching staff; if you would like further information please contact the school office and they will put you in contact with the relevant person.

For further information concerning the National Curriculum, then please click here to visit the Department of Education website.

We pledge to provide a range of exciting opportunities to broaden children’s learning and give them access to a wider curriculum to help each and every child to fulfil their potential in life, we achieve this through our ‘Eversley Endeavours’.

Eversley Endeavours ensures that every child has the opportunity to make choices based on valuable and varied experiences. We believe that learning goes beyond the classroom and that for our pupils to fulfil their potential in life, they need experience of the many wonderful things our world has to offer.