Art and Design

  • The curriculum for art at Eversley enables children to explore their own creativity through a range of different media and artistic styles.

    It equips pupils with the knowledge and skills to experiment, invent and create their own works of art, craft and design through drawing, painting, sculpting and other traditional and modern art media such as collage, printing, textiles and using digital media.

    Throughout the course of the art curriculum children will study the works of traditional and modern significant artists from the United Kingdom and from around the world, such as LS Lowry, Monet, Mondrian and Warhol. Works produced by these influential artists are evaluated and analysed and used as inspiration for children creating their own artistic work. The evaluation of art helps children to develop critical thinking skills.

    The art curriculum is enriched through extra-curricular opportunities such as art clubs; popular Fun Time Friday activities, including chalk drawing, origami, paper maché and mosaic making; art project days culminating in an exhibition of framed artwork by every pupil in the school hall; and in recent years, children have gone on school journeys to the National Gallery in London.