• Our geography curriculum enables our pupils to develop a contextual knowledge of the location of significant places in the children’s local area, in the country, in Europe and in other parts of the world.

    The programme of study for geography encompasses knowledge of key physical and human geographical features across the globe.

    As well as a breadth and depth of geographical knowledge, the curriculum enables children to develop competence in a range of geographical skills such as: collecting and analysing data gathered during local fieldwork; interpreting a range of sources of geographical information, such as globes, maps, diagrams and aerial photographs (including digital versions of these materials) and communicating geographical information through maps and diagrams with keys and written work.

    Children learn about sustainability and their role in environmental issues, with children taught about current global environmental issues and their impact on people and the planet as well as teaching them to take care of and respect their own local environment.

    The local area around the school is utilised for children to actively and practically learn about their local area, through work undertaken on the neighbouring Eversley fields, local neighbourhood walks and school visits to local significant landmarks such as Howard Park and St Michael’s Church on Pitsea Mount.