• The history curriculum at Eversley develops children’s knowledge and understanding of a range of local, British and world history, both ancient and modern history, through topics such as the Stone Age and Bronze Age; Ancient Egypt; Roman Empire; Vikings and Anglo Saxons and the World Wars.

    Historical knowledge is acquired through reference to a range of resources such as historical records and photographs, interviews, documentary films, online research and artefacts.

    As well as knowledge and developing a sense of chronology, our children learn from history the skills of asking perceptive questions; thinking critically; analysing different viewpoints and arguments; discerning the reliability of historical evidence and forming their own judgments with justification. We firmly believe that the learning of history helps pupils to understand the complexities of the world; appreciate and respect the diversity of societies and relationships between different groups; understand the concepts of cause and consequence and develop a broader understanding of the world around them.

    The history curriculum is enriched through school visits to local historically significant landmarks such as Plotlands, Layer Marney Tower and Colchester Castle. Visitors are also invited in to school to run workshops and activities that help children to learn interactively and give them the opportunity to immerse themselves into the life of a Victorian or Ancient Egyptian.