Relationships Education

  • Introduced in April 2021, Eversley Primary School teaches children about the importance of healthy and positive relationships between their peers, with their family and in the real and virtual worlds through Relationships Education.

    Children are taught about the fundamental building blocks and characteristics of positive relationships. From the beginning of their time at Eversley, children are taught about how to take turns; how to treat each other with kindness, consideration and respect and the importance of honesty and truthfulness. Children are also taught about establishing and respecting personal space and boundaries and distinguishing between appropriate and inappropriate or unsafe physical contact. Throughout all teaching on relationships, teaching addresses the contexts of face-to-face relationships alongside relationships made and maintained in the digital world.

    Relationships Education also focuses on cultivating character traits and personal attributes such as resilience and perseverance, self-respect and self-worth which enable children to then develop positive relationships with others.

    Cross-curricular teaching takes place through other curriculum areas such as Physical Education, Science and Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE), as well as Relationship Education specific teaching. Key themes from Relationships Education are also addressed through whole school assemblies and themed days and weeks such as Anti-Bullying Week.

    As part of our Relationships Education, children will also complete a unit of work in Sex Education. This is taught at an age-appropriate level across the school from Year 1 up to Year 6. Children learn about their own bodies, knowing how to take care of themselves, and learn about the changes that will occur to their bodies. In Year 6 children learn about how babies are made and born. For further information about our curriculum and teaching of Sex Education please read our Relationships and Sex Education policy which can be found here.