Religious Education

  • Eversley Primary school follows the Religious Education (RE) syllabus agreed by Essex County Council and alongside it we use the Discovery RE Scheme of Work which promotes an enquiry based approach.

    Our curriculum and approach to teaching Religious Education helps pupils to develop knowledge, understanding and awareness of the main religions and beliefs represented in this country (Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, Sikhism and Humanism). It also helps children to acquire a knowledge and understanding of basic religious phenomena and the fact that people’s religious beliefs impact their life. Religious Education is taught to help pupils make sense of different religions and to appreciate the influence it can have on people’s lives even if they do not hold religious beliefs themselves. Children will develop an understanding of religious traditions and to appreciate the cultural differences in Britain today.

    In the RE syllabus and scheme of work we use, the children mainly focus on Christianity but also learn about other religions. We believe this gives children a tolerance and acceptance of other people’s beliefs and cultures and encourages respect for those holding different beliefs to their own. The study of RE also allows children to develop critical thinking skills; create and ask questions about the world around them and to evaluate their own views and beliefs.

    Daily assemblies at Eversley contain an act of collective Christian worship. Over the school year, a range of visitors representing different beliefs held within the local community and society as a whole will visit the school to lead assemblies and take part in lessons. We also attend the local church, St Gabriel’s, for our special assemblies held at Harvest and Easter, and at Christmas for Christmas performances.

    Parents hold the right to withdraw their children from Religious Education lessons and assemblies. Please speak to the Headteacher or Deputy Headteacher if you wish to do so.