• At Eversley Primary School, children learn scientific knowledge relating to materials and their properties, physical processes and life processes and living things.

    Learning in these disciplines help children to ask and answer questions and become curious about the world around them. Children will be taught key scientific vocabulary so that they can express their learning and ideas precisely and accurately.

    Alongside this knowledge, our science curriculum facilitates children to develop key scientific skills through a range of practical work and experiments: questioning, planning and predicting; enquiring, testing and collecting data; recording, interpreting and summarising findings and using this to draw conclusions. Pupils develop their skills in carrying out investigations, including comparative and fair testing. Children are given opportunities to carry out their own research, using a range of secondary sources, including non-fiction books and websites.

    Throughout the programme of science study at Eversley, influential scientists, past and present and from a range of backgrounds and cultures, are studied to help pupils understand the impact and relevance of science on everyday life.