• Primary schools across England and Wales are required to teach a foreign language from Year 3 onwards. Following consultation with our local feeder secondary schools, Eversley elected to teach Spanish, the second most widely spoken language of the world.

    Learning a foreign language at primary school enables children to build a foundation in that language before moving on to study it further at secondary school.
    Although an expectation that a foreign language is taught from Year 3, our pupils begin learning basic Spanish vocabulary in Years 1 and 2, such as greetings, numbers and colours. As the children move on into Year 3 and beyond, the breadth of vocabulary learned increases, and children move away from just using Spanish as a spoken language but begin to read and write short, simple sentences.

    The aim of our Spanish curriculum is that children begin to develop a love of learning another language, by playing fun and engaging games and using web-based resources; speak with increasing confidence and fluency; understand and respond to spoken and written language; and apply their understanding from English of basic grammatical structures.

    The Spanish curriculum has been enriched over the years at Eversley with special themed days, that have enabled children to explore the culture of Spain in greater depth through taking part in flamenco dancing workshops, tasting Spanish food and learning about Spanish artists and significant moments in the country’s history.