DT Day

February 10, 2023

On Wednesday the children had great fun carrying out 2 different projects for DT Day!

In the morning, the children were given the challenge of making a sturdy, free-standing structure to protect an egg (polystyrene). They had little guidance from the adults and were set off to work as a team, exploring how to make a strong structure from paper. They had 10 minutes to complete the task and they tried really hard in their teams. We then completed a ‘galloping gallery’, where the children viewed each other’s work and discussed what went well and what could be better.

The eggs were then put to the test – experiencing strong winds and earthquakes! The children laughed as they realised their structures were not quite strong enough to keep the eggs safe. The adults then demonstrated how to fold and roll paper to make strong structures and the children worked in their teams to re-build a stronger structure for their eggs. I am happy to report that the second time around, all groups egg’s were safe and survived the strong winds and earthquakes!

In the afternoon, the children received a mysterious letter from ‘Eversley Leisure Centre’, explaining how they had heard Year 1 were the best year group for their special task. We revealed to the children that they had been asked to build a playground structure for the Eversley Leisure Centre.

The children discussed the top 4 things they would like to have in their dream playground and once their teams agreed on the 4 pieces of equipment they were set off to complete their team projects. The children completed a team design brief, as well as a project evaluation. Great fun was had by all and Mrs Pepper and Mr Hancock are very impressed! 1E’s work will be on display in the school after half term.

Well done 1E, we are so very proud of you and your fantastic teamwork!