Fantastic start to the year 6N!

September 08, 2018

Welcome back!

We hope you all had a well-deserved break over the holidays and are ready to give it all you’ve got this year! You have had a brilliant start and have really taken on the idea of ‘new year- clean slate’. The last 2 days have been lots of fun getting to know each and everyone of you and seeing how you have matured over the summer holidays.

Over the past couple of days, we have created some wonderful pieces of art work for our first topic- Ancient Egyptians. We also worked on our team skills by creating a piece of art using nature, but there was a twist…one of pupils had to create the art piece following their partner’s instructions because they had to keep their eyes closed the whole time! They all showed great communication skills and trust in one another and I look forward to seeing them apply these skills.

We have discussed the year ahead with them and soon there will be a letter going out to outline the high expectations we have in year 6. Even though it is going to be a year where the pupils have to work extra hard on their journey towards SATs, it is also the best year as we get to go on some amazing trips and they get the opportunity to take on new and exciting responsibilities, such as becoming Head Boy and Head Girl, House Team Captains and House Point Collectors.

Well done 6N for a brilliant start and I hope it continues.

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