Good communicating in 6N

February 12, 2019

Last week, the pupils in 6N were learning about recognising their strengths, how to use these to achieve their goals and how working together will impact their future.

On Friday, we focused on how to be a good communicator as this is a key skill that everyone will need throughout their lives- in jobs, team sports and friendships. We discussed what skills a good communicator would need then put these into practice. In pairs, the pupils sat back to back. Partner A had a picture which partner B could not see. Partner A then had to describe the picture to partner B who had to draw it on a white board, but they could not just tell them what the picture was.
It was a fun activity and pupils were able to use their communication skills to describe, in detail, the picture to their partner. Once completed, they gave each other feedback on how to become a better communicator.
Here are some pictures of the activity: