House Swap with Mr Lawday

November 11, 2019

Mr Lawday decided to focus on communication through Team work games for the Anti-bullying house swap.

At first we discussed what some team work qualities were.  We realised that communication is vital, just like it is when we are feeling upset.  If we can communicate better, then people will generally feel happier.  With this in mind, we started our first game.

The human knot game involved getting all tangled up and communicating with each other to untangle.  It was important not to rush as hand became un-linked, which meant we had to start again.

Next, we played Finger-Tip Hula Hoop!  This involved each person holding up a hoop with just the tip of their index finger.  Each team had to get the hoop to the floor without anyone’s finger being removed and without the hoop dropping.  Some teams rushed and left people behind, so they had to start again.  Eventually, communication improved and teams found they were getting better (and quicker) by slowing down and taking the time to talk it through.

Finally, we played a game of Who am I?  This game involved listening carefully to the other children in the group and taking the time to be patient and wait their turn.   I was very impressed with how well mannered all the children were.  Well done!