Iron Man Chapter 3

May 18, 2020
  • The Iron Man by Ted Hughes

    Cover design by Donna Payne, cover artwork by Tom Gauld
    Published by Faber and Faber

    Chapter 3: What’s to be Done with the Iron Man?

    1. Read and/or listen to the opening paragraph:
      “So the Spring came round the following year, leaves unfurled from the buds, daffodils speared up from the soil, and everywhere the grass shook new green points. The round hill over the Iron man was covered with grass. Before the end of the summer, sheep were grazing on the fine grass on the lovely hillock.”
      a) What does unfurled mean? Write it in a sentence.
      b) Draw a picture of this scene.
    2. What would you think if you were laying on a hill and it began to shake?
    3. How do you think the family feel when a crack appears in the hill and their picnic things fall into it?
    4. Why do you think the farmers decide to give Hogarth’s idea a try?
    5. a) List all the things the Iron Man ate after he escaped from the pit
      b) Why do you think he ate so much?
    6. Why doesn’t Hogarth want the farmers to call in the army? (Think about how he felt at the end of chapter 2.)
    7. a) How do you think the Iron Man feels at the end of the chapter?
      b) How is this different from his feeling at the beginning of the chapter?