Keeping your Children Safe Online

January 19, 2018

There are very few children who do not have access to the internet at home. In school, access to and use of the internet is monitored and securely filtered on a number of lesson, however, this is not as easy to do at home. To try and keep your children safe they have a dedicated half termly lesson around Online Safety, regular assemblies carried out by our Digital Leader Team and an annual Online Safety focus week.

As well as these we as the digital leader team would like to offer you some ideas for at home. We have listed these listed below, but if you require any further information please look out for our Digital Leaders at  or contact Mrs Anderson, who is our Online Safety Leader via the school office.

Top Tips for keeping your children safe online

1. Use the parental safety feature offered by your internet provider. Here you can set time limits, restrict access to sites and specify age limits.

2. Ensure that mobile devices have the safety settings activated. 

3. Monitor use by checking the history in all internet enabled devices.

4. Don’t be fooled by your child telling you they are the ‘only’ one without a social media page, they are not! Please keep in mind that anything posted on the internet, never fully disappears even after deletion and that there are age limits attached to these sites for a reason.

5. PEGI ratings are issued to inform you that the content is unsuitable for children below the age specified. Again don’t let your child pressure you into thinking they are the ‘only’ one without a particular game.

More information on these and other ways of keeping your child safe can be found at:

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