Mexico Day in 3F

January 23, 2020

To begin our latest geography topic of Mexico we had a whole day dedicated to learning about Mexico last week. 

We begun by comparing the UK and Mexico including our physical geography, landmarks and culture.

We found Mexico on a map and learnt its regions and main cities as well as identifying the surrrounding oceans and bordering countries.

Then we found out a little more about the different climates of the regions of mexico and its culture, including the famous festival of the Day of the Dead.

In the afternoon, we experienced a range of creative activities including tasting Mexican food; writing about Mexico’s national animal – the jaguar; designing our own luchadore wrestler masks; putting together lanterns for the Day of the Dead; making Mexican flag bunting and creating Mexican-style sun art using paper plates.

Later in the week, we put all of our knowledge to use to write a travel guide to Mexico.



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