Number in Reception

November 23, 2021

In Reception we know it is crucial to give children a solid understanding of number to provide the foundation for their future learning. So, although a child may be able to recite numbers way beyond 20, we move slowly to ensure a deep understanding of smaller numbers first. We use Numberblocks to support our teaching and learning opportunities, which the children thoroughly enjoy. We want to help the children to associate numbers with quantities and provide them with many different opportunities to handle, sort and count so they can really understand the value of quantities.

We have begun teaching some of the counting principles; the 1:1 principle – that you count each item once; the cardinal principle – the last number you count is how many items there are; and the stable order principle – the correct order will not change.

You can support your child at home by giving them lots of ‘real life’ opportunities to count (eg. enough plates and cutlery for the family at dinner time), singing lots of number rhymes (eg. 5 little ducks or 10 in the bed) and by playing dice games so they soon become able to instantly recognise small amounts (which we call subitising).

Here are some photos showing some of the activities we have been up to …