Home School Agreement

Eversley Primary School Home School Agreement

The school will:

  • encourage pupils to do their best at all times
  • care for pupils’ safety and happiness
  • encourage pupils to take care of their surroundings and others around them
  • work with them to achieve a high standard of work and behaviour by establishing good relationships and a sense of responsibility
  • encourage active learning by the use of different teaching methods and outside learning opportunities
  • offer an engaging, broad and balanced curriculum
  • allow children safe and secure use of the internet through a combination of site filtering, supervision and by fostering a responsible attitude to working online
  • keep you informed about general school matters and, in particular, your child’s progress
  • be open and welcoming wherever possible

The family will:

  • see that their child attends school daily and on time (8:50am)
  • notify the school by telephone in case of absence
  • see that their child is appropriately dressed each day in school uniform, and brings in to school each day their water bottle, reading diary and book and has a PE kit in school at all times
  • make the school aware of any concerns or problems which may affect their child
  • support their child in reading at home, completing homework, learning spellings and taking part in other opportunities for learning at home
  • support the school where possible with voluntary financial contributions to enable outside learning opportunities to take place
  • attend parent consultation meetings and discussions about their child’s progress
  • return correspondence where requested in a timely manner

Together we will:

  • support any special needs of the child
  • encourage pupils to keep to their agreement
  • support the child’s learning to help them to achieve their best
  • encourage them to behave appropriately and show kindness to others

The pupil will:

  • do all their class work and homework as well as they can, asking questions when they don’t understand
  • be respectful to others and behave in a safe and responsible way
  • take good care of all equipment, the school building and outside spaces
  • be polite and helpful to others
  • walk inside the building
  • keep the school free of litter and graffiti
  • use the internet safely as they have been taught in school

We hope that your child’s time at Eversley Primary School is happy and productive.

We are always keen to discuss matters with parents or carers, to ensure that every child achieves his or her full potential. If, at any time, you have any concerns about your child at school, then please do not hesitate to contact in the first instance your child’s class teacher, or if necessary, make an appointment through the school office to meet with the Deputy Headteacher or Headteacher.

It is important that parents and carers support the school in its constant drive to raise standards and we would much rather discuss any grievance you may have with you than it being discussed in other forums, such as social media. Therefore, we would recommend that any concerns or issues are not discussed on social media sites as this could be potentially damaging for the school and pupils.

Rewards and Sanctions

At Eversley Primary School we encourage all pupils to behave sensibly at all times. Good behaviour and good work are rewarded in a number of ways such as verbal and written praise; stickers and stamps; Fun Time Friday; special assemblies to celebrate achievements; certificates and trophies; green cards and the gold book.

Where children behave inappropriately the following sanctions such as verbal reminders; moving out of ‘The Zone’; movement within the classroom or into another class; missed play or lunchtime; letters to parents; issuing of a yellow card resulting in a lunchtime detention; issuing a red card in line with the school’s behaviour policy or a short-term report card are used. If a child’s behaviour continues to fall short of the expectation of the school then an internal exclusion will be sanctioned and ultimately a child could receive a fixed period or permanent exclusion from school.

For more information on the school’s behaviour policy please visit our Parent’s Guide to Behaviour page.

Homework Expectations

Reception 10 minutes daily Reading together
30 minutes weekly Learning sounds, words and numbers
Year 1 and 2 10 minutes daily Reading together
1 hour weekly Learning spellings, English and maths facts, topic work and written tasks
Year 3 and 4 10 minutes daily Reading together
1 hour 15 minutes weekly Learning spellings, English and maths facts, topic work and written tasks
Year 5 and 6 10 minutes daily Reading together
1 hour 30 minutes weekly Learning spellings, English and maths facts, topic work and written tasks

Guidance for weekly homework is approximate. This is not intended to take place in one session but rather in shorter periods of study throughout the week. Class specific homework schedules support this. We encourage children to read at home every day to support the development of their reading skills.