School Day Timetable

There are currently fourteen classes within the school, two per year group from Year Reception to Year 6. Some pupils may work in ability sets as well as with their own classes.

The school is in session from 8.50 to 15.10 with a lunch break of one hour. During the day there is also a 10 minute break and an assembly that includes a short act of collective worship. Award assemblies usually take place on Mondays and these recognise children’s achievements and good attendance. We also celebrate sporting achievement and activities undertaken outside of school. Class assemblies are usually held on Fridays. Sometimes assembly times vary, particularly for visitors or special events. Reception children begin to join in with some assemblies as their first year progresses. Children are able to arrive in school from 8.50am but must be in school by 9.00am.

8.50–9.00 9.00–11.45 11.45–12.45 13.00–15.10
Arrival Lunch
8.50–9.00 9.00–10.30 10.30–10.40 10.45–10.55 11.00–12.00 12.00–13.00 13.00–15.10
Arrival Break Assembly Lunch
8.50–9.00 9.00–10.30 10.30–10.40 10.45–10.55 11.00–12.15 12.15–13.15 13.15–15.10
Arrival Assembly Break Lunch

In the morning, children may come into school from 8.50am onwards. They are encouraged to enter quietly, change their shoes and settle down to provided tasks, many also self-register their meal requirement. The school is unable to take responsibility for children before 8.50am. When pupils arrive they should go straight to their classroom, there is no playground supervision in the mornings.

Being punctual to school is very important but if a child is late he or she must register their arrival at the school office. This is essential in case of emergency.