School Meals

Hot school meals are available daily. Lunches are free for Early Years children and those in Key Stage 1. Junior children are also offered a packed lunch option and their school meals cost £2.00.

Free school meals are offered to those who meet eligibility criteria. Further information regarding eligibility and our published three weekly menus are available from the school office or can be viewed here. On occasions there are special themed menus and events.

Pupils may also bring their own packed lunch or go home to eat.

During lunchtime children are looked after by Midday Supervisors and a trained team of assistants.

Awards are presented to pupils who set a good example and are polite and helpful during the lunch break.

The playgrounds at lunchtime are zoned to provide opportunities for both quiet and active play. Older children work as trained Play Leaders and organise activities and play equipment.

Early Years and children in Key Stage 1 are provided with a fruit snack during the morning.