Play and Learning

October 17, 2022

In Reception, part of our daily routine is ‘Play and Learning’. This is a time when the children are free to choose their activity, in the indoor or outdoor classrooms. The activities are carefully planned to cover the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum. Independent activities give children the chance to build friendships with others that have similar interests and to explore and experiment with a wide range of toys and equipment. During Play and Learning the children can learn and practise social skills such as turn taking and sharing in a safe and supportive environment. We encourage the children to be independent, for example with their snack they have been taught that they need to wash their hands and sit down when they are eating. Some activities are planned specifically for the children to practise and extend what they have been learning at carpet time.

This is also a time where adults will ask children to complete individual or small group activities, such as practising writing their name, phonics/reading or maths.