🥶 2K's Polar Regions Information Booklets 🥶

March 04, 2022

This week, we have been learning about the Polar Regions and some of the animals that live there. The class put a lot of effort into their information booklets!

Below is a information text formed together from several of the pupil’s work:

Polar Regions

The weather in the Polar Regions

The Arctic and Antarctic are the coldest places in the whole wide world. The Arctic is very cold. The Polar Regions are very icy! The Arctic Ocean is the coldest in the Earth. The Arctic has very hard snowstorms. In the Antarctic it has very big and cold icebergs. The Arctic has very windy snowstorms. Lacie

All about penguins

Penguins get on their tummy to get to places. The mother goes hunting for two months. Penguins swim underwater for 20 minutes. Penguins are birds but they cannot fly! Penguins eat krill, squid and fish. When the chick is older it can feed itself. The penguin’s feathers are waterproof. Beatrice

All about polar bears

Polar bears live in the Arctic. Their homes are called dens. Their cubs lay on their mother. They have white, fuzzy fur. Their nose closes underwater. Their large paws help them not sink. Malachi

All about reindeers

Reindeers live in the freezing, cold Arctic. Reindeers are good swimmers. In the Arctic they have an undercoat. In the summer they have just a coat. Their antlers help them to protect themselves from predators. Austin