Sir Francis Drake

October 19, 2021

This week, we had a special visitor. They sent us a letter ahead of their arrival.

The letter from our special visitor.

As a class, we were excited to meet our special guest. We looked forward to Sir Francis Drake visiting Year 2 to share information about his adventures and Queen Elizabeth I.

In preparation for the visit, we wrote questions to ask Sir Francis Drake. Here are a selection from the pupil’s questions:

What country are you from? – Olivia

Do you have children? – Beatrice

Where do you live? – Sienna L

When were you born? – Austin

What did you eat? – Teo

What is your mum’s name? – Nicolas

What is your job? – Amelia

How old are you? – Edith

Who did you marry? – Cailyn

What is your dad’s name? – Malachi

Some items from Sir Francis Drake’s travels.

When Sir Francis Drake arrived, we met him as year group in The Lodge. He had a basket filled with items from his travels. He had a quill, chocolate, gold coins, potatoes and jewels. Our visitor explained to us why each item was important to him. Sir Francis Drake was helpful in answering our questions and he gave us lots of information about the Elizabethans.

2K enjoyed meeting Sir Francis Drake and it was a lovely afternoon learning more about Queen Elizabeth I.