The Year 2 Victorian Day

June 07, 2019


Today Year 2 have experienced what it was like to live in the Victorian times. A Victorian expert came to visit and taught us all about the industrial revolution and how it forever changed the world!  First, we learnt about steam power and how it was used to make steam engines.  This meant we could now use powerful machines to help us farm, make things and travel further than it was ever thought possible.  We even got to see a real steam engine work!
Later on, we learnt about the The SS Great Eastern, which was the first ship of its kind.  It was huge and completely steam powered!  We got an estimate of how long the ship was by running the length-equivalent on the playground, it was 8 lengths long!  We also learnt about coal mining where we got to crawl through the mines in complete darkness.  It was a dangerous and scary job! Finally, we learnt about the great inventions that were made such as the telegram and Morse code and how it revolutionised communication over long distances.  Instead of waiting weeks for a letter, we now only had to wait hours for a coded message!  We had a go at practising some of the alphabet in Morse code!
After lunch, we learnt what it was like to go to school during the Victorian age. We had to use chalk to write with, recited poetry, looked at school uniform, used an abacus to calculate and compared the daily timetables of rich and poor children.  It was a lot of fun learning about the Victorians but we all agreed that we are happy to be living in 2019!

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