Trip to Hadleigh Roundhouse

June 05, 2019

What a fabulous trip Year 3 had to Hadleigh Roundhouse

The children are currently researching all about Romans and they were able to experience first hand, life back in the Roman Times. Firstly we visited the Roundhouse to experience how the Romans and Celts lived.








We could handle and investigate authentic artefacts – when you see us, ask us what some of them were used for, they were quite unpleasant.







We used a flint to create a spark

Then a ‘Quern’ to grind wheat to make flour.








We then became archaeologists. We very carefully dug into the sand to uncover any hidden items. We were amazed at what we found – Roman pots, Animal bones and skulls, chain armor and a deer antler.

We also experienced life as a Roman Solider in the army. We had to march in formation and work together to create a shield to protect us all. We made a tortoise formation that the Romans used when they were under attack from the Celts.  We  ended  the  day  as  Celts  throwing  a slingshot.  What  a fun  packed  day  we  had.

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