Viking Research

February 07, 2019

As part of our Computing lessons, 4C researched facts about Vikings using a search engine (Google) to find websites. We copied and pasted the links for the websites onto a Word document. We then saved it in Student Shared Area > Year 4 > 4C Viking Websites.

We used each other’s websites to find facts. Here are some of the most interesting ones:

  • The Vikings are also called Norsemen.
  • They came from Scandinavia. (Sweden, Norway and Denmark)
  • Vikings believed that when they died in battle, they went to Valhalla.
  • The Vikings were great sailors.
  • Viking houses would only have one room inside.
  • They had a large settlement around York and the Midlands.
  • England once had a Viking king.
  • They spoke Norse which had an alphabet that used characters called runes.
  • A good sword was handed down from father to son.
  • Their long boats could be sailed in both deep and shallow water.
  • The Vikings first attacked Britain in 787 AD.
  • They would kill anyone who fought them and carried off treasure and slaves.
  • The Vikings left their homeland because they were looking for better places to live, so that they could grow crops.
  • Vikings were the first Europeans to land in America.