Year 5 Half term homework

March 28, 2018

Year 5 homework project

Instead of the normal English or Maths homework that you usually get, we have decided to give you a project style homework, to complete during your 2 week break. There are two tasks to this project, a written and a creative task. Your projects will be due in on Tuesday 17th April 2018 (17.04.18)

Your challenge is to choose someone who has had an impact on our lives or the world around us, such as a famous artist, scientist, author/writer, illustrator, mathematician, inventor – your options are endless!

Part one is a written piece of information. This can be about the person you have chosen or something they did / made. This could be a biography, a newspaper report, a set of instructions, a poem, a script for a T.V interview, a PowerPoint presentation, a letter or a diary. It’s completely up to you how you want to structure the written task, it can be hand written or typed on the computer.

Part two is the creative task. This is an opportunity for you to make, draw, show, create or design something linked to the person you have chosen (it can be writing based as well). Be as creative as you can! You could make a model, create a board game, make a collage, create a scrap book, design a hanging mobile, film yourself making a puppet show, create a comic or story, or even bake a cake!


Have a great break and we are all really looking forward to seeing your amazing homework projects!


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