Year 1 had some special visitors!

January 23, 2020

Yesterday afternoon we were very lucky and had some special visitors come to our classrooms! We have been learning about different types of animals in science and got to see some in real life today!

Two bunnies came to visit us, we learnt that they are mammals are described how they felt and what they looked like. Also where we thought they lived.

A tortoise was our next visitor. She was a reptile and we saw how different her skin was and thought about where she might live.

We had a chance to look at and touch a fish from the fish mongers. We saw that it had scales, fins and gills to help it breath under water.

The last group of animals we learnt about was amphibians. We couldn’t find an real amphibian to look at so looked at lots of books about them and had a go at drawing an amphibian.



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