Year 4 and 5 House Swap

November 12, 2019

Year 4 and 5 House Swap for Anti-Bullying week

To help us understand how how we can each make a small difference to change the bigger picture of bullying, Mrs Taylor planned an art activity where we each added something small to the final piece of work.

First we looked at the painting called Surprised (Tiger in a Tropical Storm) which was painted by Henri Rousseau in 1891.

Working in pairs, we were given just a small part of the complete painting. We had to sketch and draw our small section of painting onto the paper.

We used the oil pastels to add colour and shading. We needed to look carefully at the colours, lines, tones and shapes in your small section of the painting to try and replicate these in our work.

Once everyone had finished, Mrs Taylor put all the pieces together to make the complete image. This shows how we can all do something small to add to the bigger picture.
Just like this task, if everyone makes a small change towards preventing and stopping bullying, altogether the bigger picture would change.