Beep Beep Day in Reception

April 24, 2024

In Reception today we had a Beep Beep Day – a road safety day to teach important road safety basics to our youngest children.
We talked about the importance of a using a child car seat and seat belt when we travel in cars. To demonstrate what might happen we used a soft toy in a car with and without a seatbelt – when the car crashed the toy fell out of the car, when it was strapped in it stayed safely in the car.
We practised fiinding a safe place to cross the road. We used the zebra crossing on our mini road on the outside playground with traffic lights. We made sure all the vehicles had stopped at the red light then checked both ways to see if it was safe to cross.
We also learned about the importance of holding an adult’s hand when we are walking near or crossing roads. We practised this on our mini road outside. Later we all made a poster with our name and our hand print, to help us remember we need to hold an adult’s hand. We have placed the poster outside the school so that we can remind our adults too!