Reception Starters

  • New Reception Starters – September 2021

    Please find below a link to our presentation, including introductory videos, for families of children starting at Eversley in September.

    We are really looking forward to working with you and your child and can’t wait to meet you all.

    School Starter Information Packs are available for collection from the front gate, from Monday 5th July between 1pm and 2pm.

  • You will also find a lot of information about our school by looking through our website and on our Twitter feed: @EversleyP

    If you have any questions about our school, then please do not hesitate to contact us:
    01268 555333

  • Information about applying for your child to come to Eversley

    • Eversley is such a friendly and helpful school that always goes that extra mile for the children there.

      It has a real family feel to the school and after going there as a child myself, then my two older children attending, I wouldn’t have wanted my daughter to go anywhere else. Nothing is ever a problem and I really feel all the staff go above and beyond for the children and their families.

      She loves coming to school and especially for the roast on a Wednesday!

      Parent of a child in Year 6
    • Eversley is a great place to be. No question has ever been too much and I ask a few.

      We are always welcomed by a headteacher or deputy head, rain or shine. They are always around—easy to approach and will always go above and beyond.

      My children are becoming more confident, knowledgeable and talented as the days go on. They’re always keen to go in and ready for another good day.

      Parent of children in Reception and Year 3
    • Eversley Primary School’s mantra is ‘Be the best you can be’ — a phrase that seems effortlessly woven into every child that has had the fortune to be a part of this wonderful school and know the hard working, personable teachers that work within it.

      The school’s practices, technology and, most importantly, staff help ensure that the parents of the children are well informed and made to feel like they are an intrinsic part of their child’s school life, which helps to accommodate working parents’ busy schedules and ease any concerns.

      Eversley School has helped both of my sons flourish with the necessary confidence and skills for the next phase of their education.

      Parent of a child in Year 5 and a former pupil
    • As a parent I love that I can confidently rely on the staff here at Eversley going above and beyond for my children’s varying needs.

      Parent of children in Year 1, 2 and 5
    • Eversley Primary School is a warm and welcoming school with a caring environment. My children both love going to school and Eversley Primary School truly do go above and beyond to support and encourage their pupils to be the best they can be.

      They maintain a high standard of teaching, learning, and promote good behaviour. The communication with parents about school events and issues have also been great. I cannot praise the teachers and staff highly enough! They have been approachable, flexible, and very understanding to accommodate the individual needs and wellbeing of our children.

      It’s been especially wonderful to see my daughter’s confidence grow and a lot of this is down to the ‘Gold Book’ award, which is a great way to recognise and celebrate the pupil’s hard work and achievements, no matter how big or small.

      I could not have asked for a better primary school for them to go to—a happy, friendly, safe and positive place to learn.

      Parent of children in Year 3 and 5
    • Eversley is a great school. As a parent you feel a real sense of inclusivity.

      The head and deputy headteacher are always visible at the school gates, welcoming parents and children and the staff are very friendly and approachable.

      My children are very happy at school, I feel confident that they are safe and having fun learning and exploring new things.

      Parent of children in Year 2 and 5