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  • If you are self-isolating at home, please click on your child’s year group below to find the home learning set for this week.

    You will also find on this page additional resources to support the work provided by your child’s teacher.

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  • Eversley Primary School – Home Learning Plan

    We are now using Microsoft Teams for teachers to set and for children to complete and return homework. Microsoft Teams can be accessed through downloading a free app to your device or through the internet by clicking here.

    We will also use this system to re-establish an effective provision if remote home learning needs to take place.

    This will be in the event of self-isolation by pupils and families or if it becomes necessary for a class bubble having to be isolated or there is a local or national lockdown. A Microsoft Teams user guide for parents can be accessed here.

    As soon as Home Learning needs to take place, the following will be set up, depending on one of the two relevant scenarios outlined below:

    Scenario One

    Either one child or a small number of children are off due to isolating (and they are well enough to work!)

    Children working at home will receive a ‘parallel curriculum’ i.e. work completed at home is matching (as close as possible) to work taking place by the rest of the class in school.

    Daily Home Learning:

    • Daily Oak Academy English video lesson
    • Daily White Rose Maths video lesson
    • One other lesson per day (either from Oak Academy or another online provider e.g. BBC Bitesize, or possibly the class teacher – this will be a relevant topic that matches current learning)
    • Reading
    • Spellings
    • Times Table Practise

    All work will be uploaded via Microsoft Teams.

    For times table practise, spellings and reading; children will be directed to some online resources that are available to use at home. In this scenario, staff will still be teaching the majority of children in school, and will set activities using a range of readily available online resources. This page also contains a large number of links to further support learning.

    Scenario Two

    A whole class or bubble is off due to them needing to isolate or there is a closure due to a local or national lockdown (and they are well enough to work!)

    Children will be set exactly the same curriculum that they would be completing if everyone was in school together.

    Daily Home Learning:

    • Daily English lesson (set by the teacher or an Oak Academy lesson)
    • Daily Maths lesson (set by the teacher or a White Rose Maths lesson)
    • Two other lessons per day, with at least one being a ‘personalised’ lesson from their teacher (e.g. PowerPoint with recorded voice or a video lesson)
    • A daily 30-minute virtual ‘check-in’ meeting on Teams with the class teacher at a regularly set time each week day
    • Reading
    • Spellings
    • Times Table Practise

    All work will be uploaded via Microsoft Teams.

    For times table practise, spellings and reading; children will be directed to some online resources that are available to use at home. In this scenario, a ‘typical’ remote learning week will be like a ‘typical’ school-based week e.g. range of subjects across the afternoon. If a whole year group is isolating, teachers who teach in the same year group may share the two daily ‘personalised’ lessons, so one is prepared by one teacher, and one by the other, and shared with both classes.

    Things to note:

    • Teachers will plan a programme that is of equivalent length to the core teaching pupils receive in school
    • Daily Home Learning is intended to require on average 3 hours a day for children in Reception and Years 1 & 2 to complete and 4 hours a day for children in Years 3-6 to complete
    • Work set will be pitched appropriately so that it will not require too much adult support (however support with younger children may be needed to access online videos and some resources)
    • When planning, consideration will be given to families using phones and tablets to work online and that there may be limited access to printers
    • Regular contact will be established between teachers and isolating pupils
    • Microsoft Teams can be accessed through a computer, tablet, smartphone or a games console such as Playstation or Xbox

    Issues with accessing online home learning

    We recognise that some pupils may not have suitable online access at home. We take the following approaches to support these pupils to access their work from home:

    • If you do not have a suitable device at home, you may be eligible to borrow a laptop from school under the government’s scheme to provide technology to children who are home learning. Please contact the school if you feel this would help you.
    • For some families, the school will be able to provide support with increasing data allowance on electronic devices or loan routers to help improve internet connection. Please contact the school if you feel this would help you.
    • If you require a printed pack of worksheets relating to the work that is being set for home learning or an alternative pack of age-specific workbooks, then please contact the school. These can be either collected from school or will be delivered to your home by a member of school staff.
    • For families without online access, completed work can be returned to school by dropping off work at the School Office or requesting a collection from your home by a member of school staff.

    Engagement with Home Learning

    It is expected that when pupils are well, they engage and take part in the work that has been set. If families are unable to access the Home Learning online, it is expected they contact school to discuss support the school can offer or find an agreed alternative way for work to be completed and returned to their child’s teacher.

    We recognise that for many parents, they will be juggling the demands of their child/children’s home learning and their own working from home. We ask that parents prioritise where possible the live virtual check-in sessions for their child, and then establish their own routine with their child for completing and returning work.

    Families that are not engaging with Home Learning will be contacted by school to discuss issues or concerns you may have and to find a resolution to any problems there may be.

    Feedback from Home Learning

    Teachers will check work and provide feedback to work that is completed and returned at least weekly.

    Our teachers will be available to be contacted through Teams or via email to answer queries and give some additional support during normal school hours. Work can be returned to teachers outside of usual school hours, however individual responses to queries outside of these times will not be responded to until the next working day.

    Class teachers can be emailed directly by using the class name and then @eversley.essex.sch.uk, e.g. 2D@eversley.essex.sch.uk

    General enquiries should be addressed by email to the school: admin@eversley.essex.sch.uk

    Additional support for pupils with particular needs

    We recognise that some pupils, for example pupils with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND), may not be able to access remote education without support from adults at home. We acknowledge the difficulties this may place on families, and we will work with parents and carers to support those pupils in the following ways:

    • providing alternative methods for your child to complete work
    • providing personalised work, appropriate for their level of learning
    • provision of resources to support learning at home
    • additional contact with school staff to support with home learning

    If you require additional support, then please contact our Inclusion Team via the School Office.

    Our Online Home Learning Responsible User Agreement can be accessed here.

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