Summer Term dates

Whilst every care is taken to not make any changes to these dates, on some rare occasions we may need to change the date of some activities in our school calendar. Where this happens, we will contact parents as early as we can.



6th MayBank Holiday

Date Event
15th April First day back
17th April KS2 Netball Day
24th April Beep Beep Day (Reception Road Safety)
3rd May 5A Class Assembly
8th May Year 5 Road Safety
9th and 10th May Year 5 Bikeability
13th May KS2 SATs week
15th May Yr 2 Victorian Day (Hall)
17th May Yr 6 Chessington trip
17th May 3D Class Assembly
23rd May Junior Music Festival (Towngate Theatre)
24th May Reception Fairy tale dress-up
24th May Half-term holiday
3rd June Non-Pupil day
4th June First day back
5th June Yr 5 Sex and relationship meeting for parents – 6pm
6th June Yr 6 Sex and relationship meeting for parents – 6pm
10th – 12th June Yr 6 Thriftwood Residential Trip
17th June Olympic Week
17th June KS2 Sports Day
17th June Year 1 Barleylands Trip
18th June KS1 & Reception Sports Day
21st June Olympic Lunch (French Theme)
21st June 3B Class Assembly
24th June New Reception Intake to visit with parents
25th June Year 5 Food & Farming Day
27th June KS1 Music Festival at Lincewood
28th June Reception Hyde Hall Trip
28th June Years 1 – 6 Class Photographs
2nd July Years 3 & 4 District Sports
2nd July Reception & Year 6 Class Photos
3rd & 4th July Y 5 & 6 Bikeability
3rd July New Reception Intake Information Meeting 9:00am
4th July Reception Water Play Day
5th July School Fete
9th July Meet Your New Teacher Day
9th July Reports Out
10th July New Reception Parents Phonics Meeting 9:00am
10th July Open Evening
11th July RD Class Assembly
12th July Years 5 & 6 District Sports
12th July RT Class Assembly
16th July RT Stay and Play
17th July Year 3 Science Museum Trip
17th July RD Stay and Play
18th July Beach Party Reading Treat
19th July Year 6 Leavers Assembly
19th July Year 6 Leavers Party
22nd July Summer Discos
23rd July Reception Ugly Bug Ball
23rd July Last day of term
2nd September Non Pupil Day
3rd September Non Pupil Day
4th September 1st Day back at school Years 1 – 6