Here is our list of key dates for the Summer term at Eversley Primary School


Date Event
16th April First day back
17th April 5E Outdoor Learning
19th April Year 1 Gruffalo Trip
23rd April Eversley’s Got Talent
24th April 5L Outdoor Learning
26th April Reception Class Assembly – RW parents
27th April Reception Class Assembly – RP parents
30th April Parent Workshop – Phonics (2:00pm)
1st May May Day Lunch
1st May Eversley 3K Run (7:30pm)
4th May 1H Class Assembly
9th May UniformWise Bus visiting (2:30pm)
11th May 4D Class Assembly
11th May Year 3 trip to Plotlands
14th-17th May KS2 SATs Week
18th May Year 6 trip to Legoland
18th May Reception Fairy Tale Day
23rd May Reception, Year 1 & 2 Dodgeball Day
23rd May Junior Music Festival
24th May Year 3, 4, 5 and 6 Dodgeball Day
25th May Class Photos
25th May Dodgeball Finals
28th May – 1st June Half term holiday
4th June Non Pupil Day
5th June Back to school
5th June Year 6 Outdoor Learning
5th June Eversley 3K Run (7:30pm)
6th June Year 5 Food and Farming trip
7th June Year 2 Victorian morning
7th June Junior Choir trip to ‘School of Rock’
8th June 3F Class Assembly
12th June Year 6 Parents Meeting – Sex and Relationships Education (7:00pm)
14th June Reception Stay and Play afternoon – RW
15th June 4S Class Assembly
15th June Reception Stay and Play afternoon – RP
15th June Bring A Dad to School Afternoon – 2:15pm
18th-20th June Year 6 Residential Trip to Stubbers
19th June 4D Outdoor Learning
20th June New Reception Intake Open Afternoon 1pm-2pm or 2pm-3pm
21st June Infant Music Festival
22nd June 3D Class Assembly
25th June Technology Week
26th June Year 6 Outdoor Learning
27th June Sports Day: Reception 9:30-10:30 and Y3&4 10:50-11:50
28th June Sports Day: Y5&6 9:30-10:30 and Y1&2 10:50-11:50
3rd July 4S Outdoor Learning
3rd July Stubbers meeting for Year 5 parents – 3:15pm
3rd July Eversley 3K Run (7:30pm)
4th July New Reception Intake parents’ meeting
4th July Year 3 and 4 District Sports finals
5th July Year 4 Keyboards Assembly
5th July Year 5 and 6 District Sports finals
6th July 1H Class Assembly
10th July End of year reports sent home
11th July Open Evening
13th July Year 6 Leavers’ Assembly
13th July Reception trip to Barleylands
16th July Reception Ugly Bug Ball
16th July Year 6 Leavers’ Party
17th July Summer Fundraiser Fayre
18th July Summer Discos
20th July Last day of term
6th Sept First day back