Behaviour Policy – Parents' Guide

How we encourage good behaviour

At Eversley Primary School we:

  • Negotiate and display a set of positively phrased classroom rules with the pupils in each class
  • Have clearly defined positive school rules, the Golden Rules
  • Encourage the children to actively follow the class and school rules
  • Reward positive behaviour
  • Allow pupils to make choices about their behaviour within clearly defined boundaries

If children choose to behave appropriately they may also receive the following rewards:

  • Praise both verbally or written on their work
  • Stickers or stamps to reward achievement
  • Positive comments/achievements shared with others such as peers, staff and parents
  • Display their examples of achievement
  • Opportunities to be ‘the first’ e.g. to go to lunch, get changed, choose a book, etc.
  • Extra playtime or special jobs/responsibilities
  • Certificates or notes home
  • Star/pupil/table of the day
  • Credits – these are given to the children and they collect them all year to receive a Bronze then Silver then Gold award
  • The Gold Book to record and celebrate exceptional achievement
  • Green card to be used to celebrate above and beyond good behaviour

Inappropriate behaviour

Any child who is not behaving appropriately will be given warnings to make the right choice to behave. If they continue to behave inappropriately their name will be moved down on the Golden Time warning chart in class. If there name is moved down the chart they will miss time during Golden Time. Occasionally this is not enough and children may be issued with the following cards. At the end of every half term you will be informed of any cards issued to your child.

Yellow Card

A yellow card will be given to a pupil who continues to demonstrate persistent low level disruptive behaviour. A yellow card may be used to ‘fast track’ serious inappropriate behaviour. Parents may be contacted. When a pupil is given a yellow card the teacher will record this on a yellow incident form which will be kept on record and the child will attend a lunchtime detention: 15 minutes in KS1 and 30 minutes in KS2.

Red Card

In any half-term a third yellow card will trigger the issue of a red card. These may also be used to ‘fast track’ for very serious inappropriate behaviour.

Any red card issued will involve the Deputy Headteacher, Headteacher or member of the Senior Leadership Team. This will be followed by formal contact with parents and result in an appropriate consequence, e.g:

  • Referral to other agencies, e.g. behaviour support
  • Withdrawal of privileges or exclusion from breaks
  • Issue of a report card or internal exclusion
  • Lunchtime exclusion or exclusion for a fixed period to another class or school
  • Fixed term or permanent exclusion

All children are given a fresh start every half term.

How we handle children

In an emergency teachers are allowed to use “reasonable restraint” to prevent a child from injuring themselves or others. When other strategies have failed, and there is a need to keep order and discipline, teachers may use “reasonable force” to remove a child from a situation. Physical contact and intervention is only part of a continuum of care and control within the school. All parents will be contacted if restraint is ever used.

Further Support

If your child displays challenging behaviour at any times and you would like further support then please contact our Behaviour Support Worker in school. We are happy to work with you to support you and your child.

Any questions?

Please do come into school if you have any questions or queries about your child’s behaviour or if you would like to know more about our policy.

Please read our schools racist and anti-bullying policy to see how we deal with these situations at Eversley Primary School.