PE and School Sport

Physical Education is a key part of the curriculum at Eversley Primary School and we actively promote a healthy, active lifestyle for our all pupils.

Through the sporting opportunities we offer, we aim to develop in our children a love of sport and a positive attitude to physical activity. Children are taught to recognise how their bodies change during physical work and of the benefits to their health of regular exercise. Through a varied and diverse range of sporting opportunities, children are also taught to develop positive attitudes and mindsets, such as perseverance and resilience, which can then be applied in the classroom. Also, we develop pupils’ social and personal skills through promotion of key values in sports such as fair play, sportsmanship and teamwork.

Opportunities for sports and games that are given to all pupils at Eversley Primary School include:

  • a range of sports taught in PE lessons by teachers and a dedicated School Sports Leader, including: football, basketball, cricket, netball, hockey, tag rugby, cross country running, tennis, rounders, athletics, gymnastics, dance and dodgeball
  • a range of skills taught in PE lessons which support overall child development such as fine and gross motor control and hand-to-eye co-ordination
  • access to a range of school clubs across all year groups, including cheerleading, badminton, football, netball, health and fitness, dodgeball and multi-sports, run by members of staff and specialist sports coaches
  • close links with the neighbouring South Essex Gymnastics Club based at Eversley Leisure Centre, including an opportunity for every year group to have PE lessons here for half a term each year; enabling pupils to benefit from the expertise and skills of sports staff in gymnastics
  • all children in Year 3 undertake swimming lessons at Basildon Sporting Village with qualified swimming coaches learning basic strokes and key water survival skills
  • promotion of physical activity at playtime and lunchtimes through a range of sporting equipment for children to play with
  • a variety of sporting competitions held within school such as dodgeball and cross country running
  • a variety of sporting competitions and tournaments held with local primary schools such as football, netball and cross country running
  • close links with secondary schools to support teacher training in PE and in organising inter-school competitions
  • an annual Sports Day which encourages individual achievement as well as team success
  • participation in the annual District Sports event allowing children to represent the school in a range of track and field events against pupils from other schools
  • opportunities for parents to participate with their children in fitness training and competitive cross country events through Pitsea Running Club and the monthly Eversley 3K Run held in the Summer term
  • promotion of active adults through competitive games between staff and parents across a range of sports such as netball and rounders

At the end of the academic year we celebrate the achievement of individuals and teams through the awarding of trophies and certificates as part of our whole school Eversley Awards, celebrating sporting successes and the progression of skills and confidence children have shown over the year in PE lessons and at extra-curricular sporting clubs.